Reconstruction after Skin Cancer Surgery

The primary goal of skin cancer treatment is to remove abnormal skin cells in their entirety – every last one of them. The reconstruction of the surgical site has historically been a secondary goal. That being said, surgical methodologies have evolved over time with the intent of improving patient outcomes both regarding reduced risk of…  read more

Sun Protection Mistakes you may be Making

The importance of UV protection is so widely discussed; you would think that developing a plan to protect your ski would be easy. The more we meet with patients, the more we realize that it would be a mistake on our part to assume everyone knows what to do and how to do it. Here,…  read more

Mohs is Making Strides Toward Melanoma

As a respected Mohs Surgeon in the UK, Dr. Hussain understands the heartbreak that patients feel when their skin cancer diagnosis is confirmed. This diagnosis is the onset of many questions, some of which you may have difficulty formulating due to the overwhelming stress of your situation. This is just one of several reasons to…  read more

Is Mohs the Choice for YOUR Skin Cancer?

More people are choosing to receive skin cancer treatment from a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon. You may have heard about this procedure, but not enough to know whether or not it is the right approach for your skin cancer. Why do so many people turn to Mohs? The primary reason is because they want the…  read more

Looking at Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

Dr. Hussain is a premier Mohs surgeon who has extensive training in a very precise technique for skin cancer removal. In our practice, patients can find the level of care they need to gain peace of mind moving forward in skin cancer treatment. While we dedicate a great deal of time to treating basal cell…  read more

Are you Bothered by a Mole? Let’s Talk Removal!

Moles can be a problem when they affect appearance, when they are located in a place that may catch on clothing, or when they present concerning symptoms. There is a common misperception that moles only need to be removed if skin cancer is suspected; but this is not always true. If you are concerned about…  read more

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